Golden State Tint & More: Where Feeling Is Believing

Thank you for visiting our website and giving us a chance to earn your business. As you navigate through our website, we hope you learn about us and the products we install.

At Golden State Tint and More, we know you can call other shops, get different prices but it's hard to know what you are being sold along with the quality of product. In the past 21 plus years, we have found that most shops here in the Las Vegas Valley have no knowledge about the type and quality of products they are selling. The majority of shops sell what is cheap and easy to buy not caring about the quality of materials they are purchasing. Unfortunately that is the industry that we live in today where customers are taken advantage of and shops are charging $99.00 tint jobs while putting on cheap and outdated film that will eventually turn purple in color (aka fade), peel, bubble, and/or de-laminate all to make a quick buck.

This is what Golden State Tint & More specializes in and we know we are great at it.

At Golden State Tint and More, we pride ourselves in specializing only in quality window films, Clear Bra aka (Paint Protection), Security Films, Decorative Films, Detailing, and Detailing Supplies. We do not sell alarm, audio, or bluetooth systems, nor do we sell rims and tires.

While educating our customers on the products that we carry and install is top priority, we strive on not pressuring our customers into purchasing products or services that is not needed.

Our process here at Golden State Tint & More is very simple and straight forward, our goal is to focus on your needs and our desire to make sure you are 100% satisfied when you leave.

Our facility here at Golden State Tint & More is top notch for any family and/or business professional. We have a large waiting room and conference room along with Cox T.V., free Wifi, free alkaline water and coffee.

With all that aside, we have a custom heat lamp display that one just has to FEEL to BELIEVE. It shows the difference of heat coming through a non-tinted window verses tinted window using our film.

The proof is in the FEELING and not over the phone. We hope you visit us soon at Golden State Tint & More where FEELING is BELIEVING.

Golden State Tint & More

Where Feeling Is Believing!

Some Good Reasons to use Window Tinting

GO Green, Save MONEY

One reason Nevada residents turn to window tint materials is the benefits received from substantial energy savings. Applying window film, helps reduce the heat that penetrates through the windows of homes, businesses, or automobiles. This reduction of energy helps customers save hundreds of dollars by lowering electric and gas costs.

Window Tinting for your Health

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States today. Almost 100% of UVA rays can penetrate glass. Adding window film to your vehicle, home, or business will prevent 99% of harmful UVA rays.